The New Story Marketing Method To Target Your Audience To Increase Buyer Intent

If you’re like a lot of business owners, your marketing team may be targeting your advertising to a very small subset of your target audience.

Typically, only less than 10% of your target audience are ready to buy from you at the moment in time when your advertising hits them.

But, there’s another 50% of your audience who could be ready but you just left money on the table!

That is, unless you do this first.



In the world of sales, it’s known as “Demand Generation”.

In marketing language we call it content marketing or education on how to both identify and solve the problem that is preventing your target audience to achieve the result they are after.

An additional 25% of your target audience is aware they have a problem, but don’t know what the solution is.

Another 25% of your target audience knows they aren’t achieving the results they want, however they don’t even yet understand why or what the real problem is that’s causing it.

So with a little demand generation style content education marketing, you can easily and surprisingly quickly, get them to the point they are ready to buy.

…and best of all, they will be ready to invest with you.

BUT …you have to do it the right way for this to work.

Since we run the Bolder Future Marketing agency, we get the privilege of running a lot of different advertising tests with thousands of unique visitors so we can test out what works best.

After thousands of tests, we’ve boiled it down to just two things that take the least amount of time for you, yet give the biggest results.

In the next video we’ll share with you one of those two methods that are getting results right now.

We also have a live training session coming up in March where we’ll be teaching the details of how to do it step by step plus showing you case studies from some of our strategic growth private clients marketing results.  

This training will be the inaugural beta session so you will be the first to see it.  Once we go to full production launch, it will sell for $497.

Since you’ll be getting this training live and you’ll be a part of the beta group, we ask only that you commit to taking the training (it will be recorded in a members site if you can’t be there live), and testing at least one of the marketing methods we’ll be teaching, and then give us a case study testimonial about your results that we can use in the marketing for the bigger launch.

If you agree to doing that, then you can have this course for only $97 if you make the investment now.

So go ahead and click the button below if you want to learn the hottest trend in advertising that we’re using for our big name private client launches right now in 2016.



This is not old news last years marketing techniques that are no longer working …you’re getting the latest and greatest information and case studies that is happening live right now.

More great news!

We’ve only ever done this once before and it sold for $1000 when we did.

Since it will be a fairly small Beta Group, you’ll get the opportunity to come into one of the training sessions where we do “open mic”.

Ryan and I were just talking about how when we did this a couple of years ago, over 80% of our Beta Group have now gone on to create large multi-6 and in a couple of cases, even 7-Figure businesses as a direct result of our training and coaching.

So with the “open mic” format, you will have the opportunity to ask questions with us live, and/or get a special hot-seat where if you’ve already taken some fast action on the learning, we will hot-seat you live and give a full run down critique on your marketing and advertising results.

We likely won’t be doing this again for another couple of years …and definitely not at this low price …so my advice to you right now is …dive straight into this now!

Here’s the background on why video ads and video story marketing are working so well right now.



“Out with the old and in with the Bold for you in 2016”

Brand NEW video hot off the press where I show you the new Facebook Canvas rich media story marketing type ads.



Here’s to a Bolder year for you ….Shane  

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