How To Extend Your Facebook Targeting Beyond The Audience Insights Tool


Try this ‘backdoor’ strategy, it’s one thats guaranteed to help you find hidden interests to scale your campaigns.

Like always when you know exactly who you are marketing to you, down to speaking to one specific person you will get massive results. 

Let’s talk about your Facebook Ads Preferences…

Most likely you don’t even know what I’m talking about.  

Don’t worry you’re not alone, Facebook has done a good job at hiding this option. 

How to Check You Facebook Ads Preferences:

Option 1:

Go to your Facebook Settings by hitting the dropdown bar on any page within Facebook. 


Next you’ll want to select ‘Ads’ then hit ‘Edit’ and finally tap that ‘Visit Ad Preferences’ button.

Facebook Settings

And you’ve made it if you’re seeing this below:

Facebook Ads Preferences Tab

Option 2 (my favorite):

The way I like to get to my Ads Preferences is paying close attention to the marketplace and what ads are shown to me. 

By clicking on the dropdown on ‘sponsored’ posts aka good ‘ole Facebook Ads that come through my newsfeed I can reverse engineer the advertisements interest targeting in most cases.

Take for example a good friend, Charles Kirkland and his brand ‘Media Buyers Association’ that was shown in my feed.

facebook ads charles kirkland post

You’ll First hit the dropdown menu (see picture above) then you’ll want to click on ‘Why am I seeing this?’ 

why am i seeing this facebook dropdown

This will allow you most the time to see the EXACT interest you are being targeted for. In this case Charles was targeting me via ‘qwaya’, a 3rd party Facebook Ads tool that allows you split test your Ads and targeting very quickly. 

I’ve be an avid customer of qwaya since 2013 when my friend Jaron scheduled a demo call for the two of us and continue to use it to this day.  

Not the cheapest tool out there at $149/monthly but I gladly pay it for the results it gets me and the crazy amount of time it saves me.  

facebook targeting ads qwaya

Meanwhile while this tab is popped open, you can select the ‘Manage Your Ad Preferences’ hyperlink. Click on that sucker and you’ll be right where you need to be.

Now watch this quick 8 minute video that reveals how to leverage your Ad Preferences OR others to find hidden interests and really lock down the aviator of your ideal prospect to hyper target your ads.

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As always Success Loves Speed!

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