Has your business hit a ceiling in growth & you’ve found the tactics you used when starting your business like entrepreneurial creativeness, perseverance, & sheer willpower are no longer propelling you forward?
You’re probably like most Entrepreneurs that are moving from a small to mid-size business & feeling the frustrations in one or more of these 3 key areas:
  • Strategy & Tactics plan for 10x business growth
  • Sales & Marketing systems & growth with profit
  • Strategy, Tactics & Standard operating process to automate & evergreen for residual growth


The concept here is to reverse engineer the strategy & plan from the perspective of the quantifiable results you want to achieve.

An overarching strategy is put in place from this position and the tactic plans will begin to naturally fall into place once this is understood and documented.  People will more naturally rally around this strategy and vision because the end result is understood and strongly desired.

The group comes together and feels energized.  Level 9 & 10 goals are in their mind so the level 1-8 tactics don’t feel so complicated or insurmountable and they start naturally accomplishing them building momentum towards your levelt 9/10 strategy goals.


An individualized annual marketing & sales plan is put in place for each product and product suite with an ideal client in mind to attract.

Leads funnel in and are nurtured to become prospects who are then further nurtured to become customers who are then further nurtured to become loyal life-long high end clients or even strategic partners in growth.

Once proven for your key product, you can then replicate this across all products and product suites.  Once conversion levels are dialed in to a healthy profitability level and life time value of a typical customer can be calculated, additional media can be purchased to increase the sales growth.


Once tested each product can then be amplified into product suites each with their own individualized marketing & sales funnel that will layer and grow into an overall automated machine much like conveyer belts and robotics within a highly optimized manufacturing facility.

The lower end repeatable process would be automated as much as possible to leverage as many ideal prospects into the incubation and nurturing phase.  These ideal prospects can be sifted and sorted with automation to uncover the very best who of them that can be escalated to higher tier clients or even strategic partnerships for your sales and strategic business development people to work with.

Each of these individual marketing funnels can be automated and put into an evergreen process to build equity residual strategic growth.

Shane Johnston

Co-Founder & Marketing Strategist

An award winning product launch specialist and Certified Digital Marketer Funnel Expert , Shane is an international Consultant, Coach & Speaker for online launches of new business ventures, services and products.

He is the Co-Founder of Bolder Future and CEO of Bolder Future LLC.

Ryan Skelly

Co-Founder & Head of Strategic Growth

A sought after Lead Generation Specialist.  Ryan has mastered the scalability of offers through platforms like Facebook™. He is able to lay out goals for each step of the conversion process by focusing data points. By  using a strategic growth approach to all advertising campaigns he is able to optimize campaigns at lightning speed to increase revenue and growth.